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  • October 15, 2023
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In a short amount in time Gmail in a relatively short time has grown to become one of the most frequently used email platforms in the world, making Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) an invaluable tool for companies of any size.

It’s not a secret that Gmail is among the top email services available however does that mean that it’s suitable for you? With the course of our Google Gmail review, we’ll examine the features of the service to help you determine if it’s worth the investment.

Gmail price

Google Gmail Plans and pricing

While the free version of Gmail is a great tool to use for personal purposes, businesses may want to invest in a premium Google Workspace plan. There is Google Workspace because there’s no option to purchase that is only available for Gmail. Although this can make it more expensive than other services you’ll get plenty for your dollar.

A basic package (Business Starter) costs $6 per month, per user and includes 30GB of cloud storage per person (double what the standard version can provide). Additionally, you get a customized corporate email address as well as the ability to hold video-based meetings with up to 100 attendees.

However, the most sophisticated plan (Business Plus) includes 5TB cloud storage, and video-based meetings can host up to 250 attendees. Furthermore, video sessions are recorded, and uploaded on Google Drive (a feature that’s included in business plans such as the Business Standard plan). At $18 per user per month the Business Plus isn’t cheap. Hence, those who are interested in purchasing it will be pleased to know that Business Plus comes with a 14-day trial trial.

In spite of all of the Google Workspace features that are added or are included in higher-end plans, it’s important to note that with Gmail all by itself, you’ll get the same features regardless of the amount you spend (excluding the cloud storage).

Google Gmail: Features

While it may take some time to get familiar with, Smart Compose is a useful feature that speeds up the time to compose emails. Furthermore, it has a Smart Compose Personalization setting, which allows suggestions to be tailored to your style of writing. It’s not the most exciting thing to do rather than a great time saver, however every little bit can be helpful.

Nudges are useful reminders that put messages high in your list by highlighting the reminder like: “Sent 3 days ago. Are you following to follow up?” or “Received 5 days ago. Respond?” If you’re dealing with lots of letters and emails, these are great ways to aid you in staying on the right track.

When you’re on the train or your WiFi is experiencing a slow day, the ability to read, reply to emails, and even search them even if you lose connectivity is very beneficial. While you’ll require Google Chrome for this to perform the feature is available in Google’s completely free versions of Gmail.

With Gmail, it is possible to talk with people in your company through Google Chat or Google Meet send calendar invitations and add them to your list of things to do without leaving the Gmail platform.

Gmail blocks 99.9 percent of harmful emails before they get to your inbox. It will also alert you about any suspicious emails.

Google Gmail: Interface and in use

Gmail’s Gmail interface is simple to use and configure both on mobile and desktop. The straightforward layout ensures that even beginners can quickly grasp the application. Usually, emails are divided into three categories, which include Primary Social, Promotions and Primary.

While Gmail does not always sort emails properly, however, it does a fairly excellent job and learns through its errors when you manually put mail into the proper groups.

Google Gmail: Support

Alongside an extensive knowledge base, There are three levels of assistance for premium users, which include standard support, enhanced support and Premium Support.

Standard Support comes as the standard choice for all plans, with the exception of Enterprise (the most costly). But, Business Standard and Business Plus customers can upgrade to Enhanced Support at the cost of. Customers who are Enterprise on the contrary, receive Standard Support or upgrade it to Premium Support.

The main distinction between them is their time to respond, which can vary between four hours of Standard Support and fifteen minutes in Premium Support. The Premium Support clients also receive the Technical Account Manager designated to them. For more information on Google’s support offerings, click here.

The contest

If an anonymous secure and safe email service is your primary priority, there are other alternatives to Gmail for example, ProtonMail. Although Gmail is quite secure, it is able to look through your email for certain functions like Smart Compose. But, ProtonMail enables end-to-end encryption which means that nobody (including ProtonMail) can read your email messages.

Microsoft Outlook, however, remains a popular choice for a lot of people, and the Microsoft Business 365 plans are similar in cost to Google Workspace, ranging from $5 per user each month, for the simplest up to $20 for each user monthly for the highest price. However, Microsoft offers more reasonable plans to use for private purposes that include applications such as Word, Excel as well and PowerPoint. Furthermore, the well-known applications for Office that are included with Microsoft 365 are far superior to Google’s own.

Final decision

There are a lot of tools that facilitate the seamless collaboration that includes a wide range of options available within Gmail including the ability to respond to comments left on the Google Doc.

Even though Gmail is among the most expensive options available, since you’re paying for the entire Google Workspace, it’s important to be aware that you’re receiving much more than an email service.

Gmail is an excellent choice for any company seeking an alternative email provider. With numerous tools that are easy to use on both mobile and desktop versions, users will not be disappointed.

The main concern is whether it’s worth the cost as part of the Google Workspace package, especially when competitors such as Microsoft 365 offer a better overall platform.

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